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Ilk Opucuk English subtitles

Turkish movies with English subtitles
Turkish movies

Premiered October 20, 2017

Ilk Opucuk English subtitles - First Kiss 2017

Hakan is a young womanizer who fails to sustain long term relationships with women. He has flings with tourists in his coastal town always avoiding any attachments. He does not welcome anybody to his life other than husband of his elder sister (who is alone after being abandoned by his wife) and his 5 children. Everything changes for Hakan when he falls in love with Bahar at the first sight at a coincidence. Trying to get closer to her, Hakan finds out that Bahar has a rarely encountered disorder. Due to an accident, Bahar is unable to remember anything after the date of incidence. Everyday she wakes up to the same day, i.e. two years ago, and continues to life from there. Bahar’s elder brother and father behave as if everyday was the date of accident and make Bahar believe this through tricks. After involvement of Hakan, the trio tries everything to make Bahar happy. Hakan has to steal Bahar’s heart everyday as she forgets the day before.