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Söz 51 English Subtitles | The Oath

Soz English subtitles | The Oath

Premiered September 16, 2018

Soz episode 51 english subtitles season 3, Soz 51 English

Summary :

The anguish of Yavuz, who continues his life with another identity, has not yet stopped. Apart from the uniformity and the difficulty of being away from the team, the only thing that accompanies him in his life is the nightmares and the pain of those who lose. But if you forget to forget it, these hunger will be tested by their older ones. In recent years, Dragan Ratkovic, nicknamed Butcher who wants to add another to his country's terrorist attacks, takes action to organize a series of concerts in Istanbul. There is only one request from Dragan's officials who threaten the whole country with live bombs. Yavuz Karasu. In such an extraordinary situation, the team and Erdem, who are in Istanbul for wedding preparations, are tasked with stopping the bombs with other security forces. Yavuz will not hesitate to sacrifice his life to Dragan when he learns Dragan's will. Derya, a prominent figure in the operation, opposes this, but the only thing Yavuz loses is the one that is worthless to him. Tim is about crossing the roads with his commanders who are grieved every day to die and to die when he struggles with power to support him without knowing that Yavuz is alive. But surrendering to Yavuz is only part of Dragan's big plan. These attacks, organized by Dragan, who is pushing for a plan threatening the country's security, will cause the public prosecutor Derya and Yavuz to be shaken deeply like many of our citizens.

"Söz" or "The Oath" is a Drama - Turkish TV series 2017-2018–2019 season 3,

Söz Episode 51 Full With English Subtitle season 3
The Oath episode 51 english subtitles
The Oath 51 sub eng 51
Söz ep 51 eng sub
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