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Hercai 12 English Subtitles | Fickle Heart

Hercai English Subtitles | Fickle Heart

Premiered May 31, 2019

Hercai episode 12 english subtitles season 1, Hercai 12 English


Miran wants Reyyan for twenty-four hours in order to explain all the events and to gain her trust again. Hazar, who eventually learns about Reyyan's place and wants to take his daughter, faces Miran once again. Reyyan learns that Azat has kidnapped Gonul. She makes the right decision to prevent any harm. Gonul does her last move in order not to lose control when she encounters an unexpected situation.

"Hercai" or Fickle Heart" is a Drama - Turkish TV series 2019 season 1,

Hercai Episode 12 Full With English Subtitle season 1
Fickle Heart episode 12 english subtitles
Fickle Heart 12 sub eng 12
Hercai ep 12 eng sub
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