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Hercai 11 English Subtitles | Fickle Heart

Hercai English Subtitles | Fickle Heart

Premiered May 27, 2019

Hercai episode 11 english subtitles season 1, Hercai 11 English


Miran asks for a second chance from Reyyan. Reyyan, who does not trust Miran, has remained in the midst of her heart and mind. Miran kidnaps Reyyan and Azat gets angry. Azat in turn abducts Gonul. He says if they don't bring Reyyan back, he won't release Gonul. Azat's move brings two families face to face.

"Hercai" or Fickle Heart" is a Drama - Turkish TV series 2019 season 1,

Hercai Episode 11 Full With English Subtitle season 1
Fickle Heart episode 11 english subtitles
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Hercai ep 11 eng sub
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