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Hercai 6 English Subtitles | Fickle Heart

Hercai English Subtitles | Fickle Heart

Premiered April 22, 2019

Hercai episode 6 english subtitles season 1, Hercai 6 English


After Gül's exit from the hospital, Miran secretly takes Reyyan to the mansion. Gül, who misses her sister, is surprised to see Reyyan. Gül and Reyyan meet for the first time after their long separation. Yaren Sadoglu is in pursuit of new plans. Azize Aslanbey, who plans to protect Elif, loses the confidence of her grandson. Elif hears Aslanbey family what they were doing to Reyyan. She does not remain silent against those in the mansion. Elif, who is shocked by the facts she learns every day, how long will she endure this? Azize Aslanbey will continue to lose loved ones? Sehriyar, who started to work in the mansion, who was commissioned by? Although Miran receives his revenge, he cannot erase his love for Reyyan from his heart. Reyyan pursues the facts and learns something very important.

"Hercai" or Fickle Heart" is a Drama - Turkish TV series 2019 season 1,

Hercai Episode 6 Full With English Subtitle season 1
Fickle Heart episode 6 english subtitles
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Hercai ep 6 eng sub
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