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Hercai 4 English Subtitles | Fickle Heart

Hercai English Subtitles | Fickle Heart

Premiered April 8, 2019

Hercai episode 4 English subtitles season 1, Hercai 4 English


The mansions of Sadoglu and Aslanbey are on a thorn. The news that Reyyan and Miran jumped into the river shakes all of Mardin people. Now everyone wonders if Miran and Reyyan are dead. Hazar is determined to find Reyyan. Miran, who jumped into the river from behind Reyyan without blinking, manages to save Reyyan. Now it's time to find a secluded and safe place where the two can stay together. Miran's only request is to protect Reyyan. But there is something that he does not know; Reyyan does not want to stay in the same house nor to see Miran's face after all these catastrophes. Reyyan makes the choice that will determine whether they are two lovers or two enemies. She shoots Miran with a gun.

"Hercai" or Fickle Heart" is a Drama - Turkish TV series 2019 season 1,

Hercai Episode 4 Full With English Subtitle season 1
Fickle Heart episode 4 english subtitles
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Hercai ep 4 eng sub
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