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Hercai 1 English Subtitles | Fickle Heart

Hercai English Subtitles | Fickle Heart

Premiered March 16, 2019

Hercai episode 1 english subtitles season 1, Hercai 1 English


Miran Aslanbey, who came to Midyat as a businessman from Istanbul, offered Nasuh Sadoglu more than a partnership. Miran asks Nasuh's grandson Reyyan to be his wife. However, Nasuh, the most powerful family head in the region, has different plans for Miran, which he calls a very good fortune. He's going to give her a grandchild, but not what he wanted. Nasuh is unaware of Miran's plans. While the decision to be given between the two men is expected curiously, the news will deeply affect the lives of Reyyan and Yaren.
"Hercai" or Fickle Heart" is a Drama - Turkish TV series 2019 season 1,

Hercai Episode 1 Full With English Subtitle season 1
Fickle Heart episode 1 english subtitles
Fickle Heart 1 sub eng 1
Hercai ep 1 eng sub
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