Firuze is a young, beautiful and a smart college student. She lives with her brothers; Feryat, who is a teacher, and her younger brother Ömer, who is a high school student. In the past, Firuze's mother killed her father and ended up in jail. Firuze and Feryat hid this from their youngest, Ömer, to tell him that their mother is died. After such family drama, a very caring person Muhsin looked after the kids when they ended up in orphanage. For this very reason, they call him 'father'. Mehmet, who is one of the kids' under Muhsin's wings, is platonically in love with Firuze, although they grow up together. A rich businessperson Kagan is a charismatic and handsome man and, he is married to a woman named Leyla. Their daughter is died two years ago, and they are having marital issues. One day, Kagan meets Firuze on the ferry, and he liked her. While he introduces himself as a driver, he also conceals the fact that he is married. In time, Firuze and Kagan become lovers. Ömer is in love with a girl named Çiğdem from the same school. Living in the suburbs with her family, Çiğdem is forced to work. After unfortunate incidents happened to Çiğdem, Ömer's life will also be affected. While Firuze and Kagan's love is faced to various tests, will the couple be able to overcome the obstacles?
Turkish seriesDramaweekly series