Kahraman Babam is a Turkish Drama,Action - My Hero Father Turkish series with English subtitles - TV Series 2021, the story of Ugur, the fire chief who is dedicated to saving people, was unable to pull his wife out of the flames on a dark night. After this incident, which was the turning point of his life, Uğur, who buried his wife, also lost his only daughter Ömrüm. My life is now settled with his mother's family. Cem, who was once a dear friend of Uğur, is now the enemy of his friend with whom they saved many lives shoulder to shoulder. He thinks that Uğur caused his sister's death. He entered into a legal fight with Uğur because he wanted his nephew Ömrüm to grow up in a loving family environment. Uğur and his friends, who intervene in a fire, achieve a great success. Uğur, who saved the children waiting for death inside, returns to a year ago with the man he met while the extinguishing works were still in progress. Now he has a clue about the fire that killed his wife. Uğur will take his first step on this road that will reach the head of the arson gang. Uğur will enter into a relentless struggle both to find the perpetrators of the fire in which he lost his wife, and to bring them to justice, and to take his daughter, Ömrüm, the meaning of his life, with him. As the court-appointed forensic psychologist Yonca witnesses Uğur's battle, he will be the most important person to influence the big decision.
Turkish seriesActionDrama