Kemal is a handsome, hardworking son of the Atabey family and they are handling lavender commerce. He studied architecture abroad, and wanted to come back because he desired to live where he felt belonged. This decision is the reason he broke up with his girlfriend overseas named Ece. Kemal's sole goal is to achieve on the project of rose oil industry he collaborated with aunt Fatma, who is an herbalist, mixing various oils and healing remedies. Kemal's dominant father does not approve this partnership from the very beginning since he has a dark secret related to any sort of rose produce. She finds out about the inheritance after her mother. Because her mother died when she was very young, she is longing for a motherly love. Yet, she is disappointed to arrive to see the neglected field and the semi-burnt ruins. Moreover, the annotation on the registry expects her to stay in Isparta for two straight years, in order to claim the legacy. She decides to go back to Istanbul, and just before that, she met aunt Fatma, who tries to persuade her to stay in Isparta. In the meantime, Bahar and Kemal's paths cross. In addition, Kemal is into Bahar at first sight. While all of these are happening, Bahar's best friend Arda comes to Isparta after her. Arda is a lawyer who is platonically in love with Bahar. Besides, Bahar cannot really seem to forget Kemal and she decides to settle into Isparta. After this point, Bahar and Kemal will fall in love. Yet, their love will shake the ground, and the secrets of the past will follow.
Turkish seriesDramaweekly series